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Welcome to Oriel Marine Extracts. 

 We are a 100% owned Irish company and have invested our passion and love of the ocean to develop globally patented technology to extract Powerful Deep Sea Minerals and Mineral Sea Salt. We are the only company across the globe to have our Deep Sea Mineral Extract and Mineral Sea Salt selected by the EU Commission as PDO "Protected Designation of Origin" products. We work in partnership with leading academic and research institutions such as Dublin City University to prove the benefits of our Minerals at a scientific level. We also work with a number of other leading universities and research centres of excellence in Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and France.

We are a government approved Food Grade facility. Our facility and/or products have been approved or reviewed by national and international bodies such as Organic Trust, Bord Bia, Society of Cosmetic Scientists, Society for Development of Research in Magnesium, Origin Green & SGS (Sustainability), Kosher, Good Food Ireland, Halal and the International Community of Chefs.

Imagine a Magnesium Supplement that is "Free" Magnesium, not bound to a citrate, oxide, sulphate or other, it is simply powerful Mg 
Imagine a liquid, that you take as drops in your water or drink with no taste just a smoother texture like velvet to swallow
Imagine it is Ionised and so bio-available that it is inside your blood cells in 60 minutes having a positive functional effect - Science proven.
Imagine this Mineral Extract contained all the other Minerals and Trace Elements necessary as co-factors for human health.
Imagine a Mineral Extract scientifically tested and validated by leading research universities in Ireland and abroad.
Imagine a powerful yet smooth Mineral Sea Salt that allows to use less and has more minerals and lower sodium.
Imagine Clear Gels, rapidly absorbed to bring relief to muscle, joint and skin conditions.
Imagine no more and look within.



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