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We have studied the effects of Menopause, from the perspective of enhancing the health of the cellular environment, that is the foundational basis for many of these effects. Deep Sea Magnesium, Minerals and Trace Elements have been proven by scientists in DCU to be the most bioavailable form, being absorbed to blood platelets less than 30 minutes where they are rapidly transported to the cells to bring back the necessary balance to help the cells function normally.

Some Effects of Menopause

  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Sleep problems and Anxiety
  • Mood change
  • Hot Flushes and Night Sweats
  • Metabolism slowdown & Weight Gain
  • Metabolic change at a hormonal level
  • Headaches and Joint Pain
  • Dry and Itchy Skin
  • Hair loss and Brittle Nails
  • Higher risk of Osteoporosis

Key impacts of liquid Magnesium & Minerals

  • Supports critical Recovery & Energy mechanisms
  • Supports production of GABA, which relaxes the nervous system, promotes sleep
  • Improves dopamine levels, which calms nervous system & reduces anxiety
  • Supports Anti-Inflammatory response which can impact flushes
  • Multiple studies on positive hormone impact
  • Relaxes muscles and nervous system response which aids cramps & spasms
  • Magnesium improves gut health through improved microbiome health
  • Glycolysis uses 10 enzymes, which need magnesium to make ATP (Energy)
  • Critical to maintain Bone, Skin and Hair health (Magnesium is a Calcium Co – factor).

Powerful Published Science:

  • Supports Anti-Inflammatory Response
  • Supports Cellular function and turnover
  • Enhances Platelet Health & Function
  • Enhances cardio function & circulation
  • Moderates Gene Regulation and Expression
  • Supports Healthy Stem Cell production (EPC)
  • Supports Rapid Electrolyte replacement

Technical Data

Contents: Magnesium, Minerals & Trace Elements
Source: Deep Sea Water
Form: Clear Liquid
Application: Ingredient for menopause applications


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