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Electrolytes are naturally ionized minerals in the body. Critical pre, during and post exercise. Transporting electrical impulses to aid in performance, hydration, healing, recovery and cell regeneration. From energy production to contraction and repair of muscles, nerve connectivity, enzyme reactions, bones, tissue repair & regeneration. We take a look from a cellular level.

Impacts of low Magnesium

  1. Metabolism of other Nutrients
  2. Muscular contraction & cramps
  3. ATP Production (Source of all energy)
  4. Muscle recovery during & post exercise
  5. Hydration during and post exercise
  6. Fatigue and Fatigue recovery
  7. Bone strength
  8. Transport of other Nutrients
  9. Getting to where it is needed
  10.  Inflammatory response

How will liquid Magnesium & Minerals help?

  1. Magnesium is essential for calcium & oxygen transport to the cells
  2. Critical role in extended endurance activity through enzyme reaction
  3. Glycolysis uses 10 enzymes which require magnesium to make ATP
  4. Enhances Cardiovascular Function and blood platelet health
  5. Necessary along with Sodium & Potassium (each balanced in Oriel)
  6. Brings balance to cells through metabolizing calcium
  7. Bones need Calcium BUT Calcium needs Magnesium to be metabolized
  8. Supports mobilization of vitamin D, vitamin B and calcium
  9. Metabolic Mineral – Your body uses it where it needs it most
  10. Directly supports Inflammatory response (+ / -)

Powerful Published Science

  • Supports Anti-Inflammatory Response
  • Supports Cellular function and turnover
  • Enhances Platelet Health & Function
  • Enhances cardio function & circulation
  • Moderates Gene Regulation and Expression
  • Supports Healthy Stem Cell production (EPC)
  • Supports Rapid Electrolyte replacement

Technical Data

Contents: Deep Sea Magnesium, Minerals & Trace Elements
Source: Direct from Deep Sea Water
Form: Clear Stable Liquid. No heat or formulation issues
Applications: Performance / Endurance & Energy / muscle/Injury Repair & Recovery / Cram



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