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Is Magnesium Gel beneficial for Muscle & Joints?

Depending on your issues or concerns, you will determine this. Some people use it for post-workout and others find it helps them ease into their walking or training regime and then choose to use it more frequently as they see fit.

We tend to say to use two to three times daily at first and the less as they feel the benefits. In early-stage you may find that after a few times you do not need it until the next flare-up or football match or exercise etc. However we would suggest if you are going to spend the money on our gel, then you should at least get the ultimate benefit from it.


Once you open it you should try to use it within three months so even applying it just once a day, you should notice the benefits and other intermittent issues may ease. Besides it only has seven ingredients in it with the most important being our liquid Magnesium.


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