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Magnesium plays an important role in contributing to normal muscle function, psychological function, functioning of the nervous system, protein synthesis, energy-yielding metabolism, electrolyte balance, maintenance of normal bones and teeth and plays a role in cell division. When you consider the role each of the above plays in the basic health of our bodies, it becomes clear that it is a very important mineral.

Health specialists have always emphasized the importance of including adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals in our daily diet. Magnesium and Calcium are two of the most important minerals essential for good health. Magnesium is also a co-factor to calcium meaning they need each other to be correctly and efficiently metabolized within the body.

Women of all ages benefit immensely from the intake of magnesium. The other crucial health benefits of magnesium include protein synthesis, which boosts the bio-availability of vitamin D, B6, and B Complex


Good dietary sources of magnesium include nuts (especially almonds), whole grains, wheat germ, fish, and green leafy vegetables. However, it is now recognized that we no longer get the same level of minerals from these foods due to soil quality and over-farming. Hence the fact that as with most nutrients, daily needs for magnesium are not always being met from food alone, which is when we look to dietary supplements


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