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Oriel: A Magnesium For Menopause

Are You Getting enough Magnesium In Your Diet?

Monthly cycles and the Menopause are just two of the many issues we must contend with that men do not have to and simply do not understand. Magnesium is vital at every stage of life. As women experience menopause, magnesium becomes particularly important for good health and may even help reduce menopause symptoms. As our bodies cannot make magnesium, this mineral needs to be replenished through good dietary choices and when needed bioavailable supplementation.

Deep Sea Liquid


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Magnesium for menopause-Oriel

Oriel Femme Revive is the only liquid magnesium supplement packed with a “Free Ion” magnesium that you take as drops in water. It is the only concentrated ionised liquid magnesium drops from a living ocean on the planet. Harvested through a patented system retaining all the natural goodness from deep sea waters off the coast of Ireland. Femme Revive is the only liquid magnesium supplement with the most pure form of deep sea magnesium and minerals. That is a magnesium not attached to oxide, chloride, sulphate etc like all other forms. This makes it a free Ion for rapid absorption of up to 100%

Menopausal symptoms
Oriel Femme Revive Supports:


Menopausal or perimenopausal women often suffer from insomnia as they transition through the menopausal years. Hot flashes, anxiety, night sweats and ever decreasing levels of melatonin and progesterone in the body can make a great night’s sleep a far off distant memory. Femme Revive can help make a decent deep nights rest a reality again.


70% of your magnesium is stored in your bones and teeth and plays a large role in preventing osteoporosis helping with their hardness and rigidity as you cannot metabolise calcium without it. This is why it’s so important for their health. If you have any bone or teeth concerns, look to increasing your intake of magnesium. Magnesium plays a key role in supporting healthy bones and hormone levels.

Low Energy & Fatigue

Magnesium helps reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue. One of the roles magnesium plays is in helping breakdown glucose into energy. If magnesium levels are low you may notice your energy levels are lower. In addition, ATP needs magnesium to become biologically active. ATP is a coenzyme which is responsible for transporting energy to our cells.

Femme Revive Liquid Magnesium & Mineral Extract For Menopause

A healthy mineral balance in your body supports the efficient absorption of vitamins and nutrients from food or supplements therefore promoting a healthier internal environment in a woman’s body later transitioning to adulthood and change.

How To Take It


• Fast Acting – Feel the benefits in days not weeks.

• Absorption to where you need it up to 5 times faster than any other form.

• 100% bioavailable means you know it will get to where you need it

• Liquid drops in water for rapid bioavailability with no aftertaste

• 5 yrs of proven published Scientific Research in Irish & EU Universities.

• Deep Sea liquid source means better absorption and better health

• Global patents protect Irish Technology & Harvesting process.

• Certified as an organic and sustainable process and resource

• Tested by Informed Sport – free of all WADA substances

• PDO – Only magnesium sea mineral granted Protected status by the EU.

• 100% Irish – 100% natural and pure

Oriel – The only concentrated ionised liquid
Magnesium drops on the planet. Harvested through
a patented system retaining all the natural goodness.

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