About Oriel Marine Extracts

Nature and Science - Two Powerful Allies 

Here at Oriel Marine Extracts we care about You. We have invested in patented  technology to bring you scientifically proven, powerful, natural products from deep ocean that will help you feel and look healthy.

Our facility has been audited, accredited or notified by the EU Commission (PDO), Department of Food's Health and Safety Executive, The Organic Trust, Bord Bia's Origin Green (SGS), Good Food Ireland, Kosher, Halal and The European Association of Chefs. This is so you know that our products have been certified to the highest quality, sustainable and environmental standards by National and International bodies. 

  • Only Liquid drops suspended in a Solvation Sphere for optimum absorption
  • Only Magnesium & Mineral Supplement Approved by EU Commission under PDO Protected Designation of Origin status.
  • Only Organically and Sustainably sourced and produced Magnesium & Minerals as audited by SGS (Origin Green)
  • Only liquid Magnesium & Mineral Supplement available from living Deep Ocean (not dead ocean or salt lake where ratio does not promote life)
  • Only perfectly balanced ratio of Magnesium and co-factor minerals
  • Only Magnesium proven to be bioavailable within 30 mins when taken orally. 
  • Only Magnesium with proven science to defend it.

In our site you will find just a small selection of products because we see no reason to make it complicated.

Our Magnesium & Mineral Extract is the Active ingredient in our Magnesium Gels and Drops and is the subject of ongoing scientific studies with Dublin City University, School of Health and Human Performance, with studies ongoing in a number of other universities in Ireland, France and the UK.

Our Mineral Sea Salt is a fine grain incredibly smooth ingredient sea salt used by leading food producers and chefs looking to reduce sodium with higher flavour. It is exported to UK, Europe, USA and the Middle East.

We are located on one of the world’s most beautiful and mesmerizing coastal headlands at the very point of Impact of one of the world's greatest seismic events. A collission of Continents of Europe and USA resulting in the actual formation of the Island of Ireland. This is spectacular and if you have a moment please take a look at the video recreating this event (Click below)

We are working with with some of the world's leading corporations in Skincare, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Functional Waters and Beverage, and even in the thoroughbred horse industry. Our commitment is simple "Oriel makes your products work better" So here, we decided to bring our own products directly to you. Please take a look.

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