Our Research

Pioneering Research & Development with leading Universities.

Oriel has partnered with Dublin City University DCU, School of Health and Human Performance for what is, to our knowledge, the largest scientific study ever to be undertaken on a Magnesium rich Deep Sea Mineral Extract.

These scientific studies are broad ranging and include:

  • Studies on "The impact of Oriel Magnesium Extract on Energy yielding Metabolism"
  • Studies on "The effect of Oriel Magnesium Extract on the health of skin and it's effect on the production of skin collagen to improve the health of skin cells"
  • Studies on  "The effect of Oriel Magnesium Extract on bio-availability and intracellular functionality and activity" 
  • Studies on "The effects of Oriel Magnesium Extract on muscle and bone strength and recovery in a post workout environment" 
  • Studies on "The impact of Oriel Magnesium Extract on nutritional absorption and protein synthesis" 
  • Studies on "The effect of Oriel Magnesium Extract when taken within a functional drink"  

What these scientific studies have and continue to demonstrate is that Oriel Mineral Extract is creating an environment that appears to promote normal health within the body while also appearing to be contributing to creating a normal healthy cellular environment.  We consider this environment to be similar in its response mechanism as to how we dealt with these issues when our bodies were younger, healthier and NOT in a state of being lacking in Magnesium or mineral. 

Here at Oriel. Our Science is our own, our technology is our own, our products are being used by global companies in skincare, wound healing, cosmetics, athletics, supplementary and preventative programmes. 

(Many other companies provide data and research carried out in various studies by various institutions on Magnesium and other minerals. However the magnesium and minerals used were not "Free" they were attached to what are known as "Ligands" (sulphate, oxide, citrate, hydroxylate etc) because the technology did not exist to harvest "Free Minerals". The majority of these studies were carried out on rodent subjects which are no longer considered as being reflective of what happens in the human body)