Why Oriel Sea Salt is Different.

Oriel Mineral Sea Salt is Not simply a finishing Sea Salt. It's fine grain makes it the Perfect Ingredient Sea Salt. This is why chefs love our Sea Salt.

  • Healthier - Rich in Minerals and use less for lower sodium.
  • Non Oxidised - Harvested in a sealed system. The only one on the planet
  • Packed with Deep Sea Minerals - More than any other Sea Salt
  • Powerful yet Smooth Taste Profile
  • Intense Mineral Aftertones
  • Fine Grain - Perfect Ingredient Sea Salt
  • Dissolves and Disperses 80% faster
  • Kiln Dried Mineral Sea Salt - Free Flowing 
  • Natural Mineral Sea Salt - Very slightly moist.

From when it leaves the ocean to when it is packaged, our Sea Salt is never touched by Air, Sand, Soil or Hand. Harvested in a sealed pressurised system, nothing escapes, this is the most pure, most intense Sea Salt available, naturally crystal white, it is unwashed and packs a powerful punch.   

Certified by Organic Trust, Origin Green, Good Food Ireland, European Association of Chefs, Kosher, Halaal and harvested in a Certified Food Grade facility.