Why is Sea Salt so Important

Our bodies need salt. We cannot live  without it. This has been true since time began. So why has salt got such a bad wrap? 

Table salt is 99%+ Sodium Chloride. It has No minerals, it is mined from rocks millions of years old, it has Anti-Caking agents (Silicone, Aluminium etc) added to it to make it flow, it is Scientifically Proven to be Not Good for you.

The difference between Table Salt and Sea Salt (Table salt is ancient Sea Salt) can be compared to Coal and vegetation (Coal is ancient vegetation). They have both come from the same original source but would you eat coal? (Actually my dog eats coals as it does have minerals in it unlike table salt)

Scientists now agree that our body needs "Good Healthy" salt. And that the best source is Pure Natural Sea Salt that has been harvested from a "Living Ocean" It is the balance of sodium when taken in conjunction with the other natural sea minerals that is now scientifically proven to be good for you and necessary for health. So if you are going to use salt then for your own health, make it sea salt, any sea salt is better than table salt.

As it happens, sea salt harvested in traditional ways and open air is oxidised and is typically off white due to its interaction with open air, sand, soil etc. It is then washed to make it white for visual effect. Unfortunately most of the natural minerals are also washed away during this process.

Oriel is Different. It is naturally crystal white, non-oxidised and unwashed. From when it leaves the ocean until it is packed, it never touches the air, sand, soil or hands, so it is quite simply the most natural, pure, powerful sea salt available. But don't just take our word for it. Look at our certifications and read what many chefs and foodies have to say on our product pages.