Liquid Magnesium Mineral Extract

Clinical Fact: Women lose more minerals and are more susceptible to illnesses associated with mineral deficiency such as osteoporosis, migraine and fibro myalgia. This is in part due to their monthly cycle and in later years the menopause.

  • 30 Day supply in one bottle (30 x 1ml)
  • Free Shipping to Ireland & the UK
  • Take just 10 drops in water twice a day.
  • Why take Magnesium? 

    • Women who suffer from any condition that may be related to magnesium and/or mineral deficiency. 
    • Women who are sports enthusiasts or athletes lose a lot more minerals through sweat and exercise.  
    • Women suffering from Stress or Anxiety related symptoms tend to need more magnesium. 
    • Women over 40 who would like to increase their healthy years.
    • In studies, Oriel Femme Revive Magnesium drops have been proven to be in the bloodstream "5 times faster that the dissolvable Magnesium supplement most recommended by doctors"

       Extracts from scientific studies state:

      • "Bioavailability - Intracellular 5 times faster and more efficient"
      • "Improves Cardiovascular function"
      • "Reduces inflammation at cellular level"
      • "Electrolyte replacement"
      • "Improved muscle and system recovery|
      • "Improved blood oxygen levels"
      • "Improved skin and hair health"
      • "Neural synapsis cognitive benefits" 


      The problem until now was absorption and bio-availability. Not any more with absorption levels of up to 100%. Read Clients Testimonials Here

        DCU, School of Health and Human Performance have carried out research and studies on long term benefits of Oriel Femme Revive® on human subjects, blood cells, cardiovascular, respiratory and endothelium systems. Proven science as outlined here and lower on this page. 

        “We have witnessed in 24 hrs, systemic improvements to the cardiovascular system that would take six weeks under normal supplementation” Dr. Ronan P. Murphy PhD, FCATH 


        Concentrated "Free Ion Liquid Ionised Magnesium and Mineral" drops packed with liquid Magnesium, Minerals and Trace Elements necessary for your health. 

        • Fact: If you are over forty, an Athlete, suffer from a chronic illnesses, have heavy PMS, have dietary issues, are overweight, drink alcohol, smoke, on medication, eat more processed than natural foods, then you are most likely deficient in Magnesium and other Minerals.
        • "Free Ion Magnesium and Minerals" Most Pure - Not bound to sulphate, oxide, citrate, hydroxide etc. This means Femme Revive is more bio-available so your body absorbs with ease and minimal waste or loss.
        • Ionised Magnesium contributes to: Electrolyte balance, Normal Muscle function, Protein Synthesis and Process of Cell Division, Normal functioning of the Nervous System, maintenance and health of normal Bones and Teeth.

        • Ionised Minerals - Replenish essential Electrolytes at a Cellular Level.

        • Rapid absorption at a cellular level, Magnesium plays a key role in strengthening immune system, improving digestive system, neutralise acid build up and improving Neuron and Synapses communications through the central nervous system, muscles and brain.
        • Minerals First – You need a mineral balance in your body to efficiently absorb vitamins and nutrients from your food and other vitamins or supplements.

        Promoting a healthier internal body environment. 

        Oriel Femme Revive Minerals are harvested and bottled in Ireland through a Patented system which has been audited and certified by Organic and Sustainability bodies to GUARANTEE that all you are getting is 100% natural with nothing added or taken away. 

        Directions for use: Take 10 drops twice a day. Tip: One full Pipette is equal to 20 drops. So take a half pipette twice a day. 

        Proven Science Fact: Absorption of nutrients from tablets or capsules is as low as 3%. If it is Sulfate, Oxide, Citrate, or any other type, it is no longer a pure mineral. It has been bonded to these "ligands" to create a different molecule which is harder for your body to break down and absorb so you are extremely unlikely to get the absorption you need.

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