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Oriel Magnesium Mineral Extract is the most pure form of Magnesium and Minerals available on the planet – Science proven with global patents. It is the most Bioavailable in terms of the speed in which you will notice its effect whether taken by drops in water or as transdermal gel. It is the only magnesium harvested directly from deep sea water, is in liquid ionised form, is packed with magnesium and all the other minerals and trace elements needed for our bodies to function well. We work with nature through a sustainable and organic process and use science to validate everything we state.

The Benefits

Minerals & Trace Elements

Oriel Magnesium drops contain not just Magnesium but also each of the other necessary Minerals and all the Trace Elements as found natural in a living ocean (Up to 78 in total).


The power of True Bioavailability is the speed you can absorb it to where you need it. Due to its patented Hydrasphere technology we have witnessed complete absorption in 23 minutes. This rapid absorption indicates they do not need to go through your digestive system

The Science

Oriel are the only company who have developed the technology (Patented across 3 continents) to extract the precious Magnesium and Minerals in this liquid Free Ion Ionised form from a Living Ocean and can fully defend it with 5 years of science from DCU scientists.

Balance & Ratio

The only form available that has been balance in terms of the mineral content to almost mirror the balance inside our bodies. This is the only way to achieve the level of Bioavailability. proven through our science and research.

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