Oriel Magnesium Gel For Sports Recovery

Magnesium Gel For Sports, Muscles & Joints - Oriel

Oriel Magnesium Gel for Sports Recovery features sea mineral extract and transdermal electrolytes, providing soothing relief for tired muscles and limbs.

Sore Muscles? Stiff Joints? Get Relief With Magnesium Drops

Oriel Magnesium Gel isn’t just for athletes anymore. This innovative water-based gel, packed with deep-sea magnesium and minerals, soothes sore muscles, relieves stiff joints, and aids recovery for everyone — from weekend warriors to fitness enthusiasts and even those who enjoy a brisk walk or a dance class.

Whether you’re a martial arts devotee, a cycling enthusiast, or are pushing yourself a little further, Magnesium Drops for sports performance help you get back to doing what you love and feeling your best.

Recover Faster, Train Stronger with Oriel

Aches in the muscles and inflexible joints, that post-workout wobble — it’s the universal language of pushing your limits. But recovery is where champions are made. Oriel Magnesium Drops are your secret weapon for faster muscle repair, smoother movement, and a quicker return to peak performance. Train harder, recover faster, and leave DOMS in the dust — fuel your recovery and emerge stronger for your next conquest.

3 Recovery Hacks To Crush Workouts

Faster Reloaded

Optimised muscles and joints mean less downtime and more dominance.

Push Your Limits

Get in shape, run farther, and conquer your next challenge with peak performance.

Reduced Discomfort

Minimise pain and inflammation for quicker recovery. Get back to your routine without interruption.

What Makes Oriel Magnesium Gel Incredible?

There are plenty of reasons to love Oriel Magnesium Gel. But the real-game changer is its power to fight off that dreaded DOMS, the secret lies in what’s inside:

The most important ingredients, Oriel Magnesium, Mineral, and Trace Elements, are one of a kind. Extracted from deep sea waters through a globally patented process that retains all the pure natural goodness and benefits of these incredible elements. It is considered as one of the best magnesium for athletes.

Revealing The Science Behind Oriel Magnesium Gel

You already love the benefits of our Magnesium drops before or after workout, but here’s a surprising fact: the science behind them has military roots! During a development project for military and mass casualty situations, we created a new generation of topical gels. These gels were initially intended for burn and wound treatment in conflict zones. The scientific discoveries made during this research and development process led us to develop a similar gel specifically designed for repairing muscle and joint recovery.

Impact of Magnesium

Magnesium’s Role in The Body

Magnesium plays a surprisingly wide range of roles in the body, as shown by numerous scientific studies. It’s involved in muscle function, reducing inflammation, regulating hormones, maintaining bone strength, and keeping your nerves functioning properly. No wonder it’s so crucial for recovery, performance, and endurance. We recommend using Magnesium before exercise!

Oriel’s Legacy

You might be surprised to learn that Oriel has been around for ten years. But what have we been up to besides braving the icy waters of Clogherhead, you ask? We’ve been the secret ingredient behind some of the world’s leading skincare brands across Ireland, the UK, the USA, the EU, and even Korea! Now, post-COVID, we’re stepping out from behind the curtain. We’ve helped make other brands great, and now it’s time for us to shine under our own name — Oriel Magnesium Gel.

Core Features & Usage

Essential Features

  • Rapid absorption and bioavailability deliver rapid relief where you need it.
  • Simultaneously speeding up the recovery phase and reducing DOMS.
  • Electrolyte replacement delivers energy to surrounding tissue. 
  • Anti-bacterial and Hypo-allergenic.
  • Soothing water-based gel with no sticky residue or odour.

Practical Application

  • Apply directly to the source of discomfort.
  • Apply post-workout to reduce muscle burn and the onset of DOMS.
  • Apply pre-workout to reduce stiffness and to help avoid tightening pain and discomfort.

Deep Ocean


Formula with Sea Mineral Extract


Magnesium Gel For Sports, Muscles & Joints - Oriel

Oriel Magnesium Witness

"We have witnessed in 24 hrs., improvements directly linked to magnesium that could take six weeks under normal supplementation."
Dr. Ronan Murphy, Oriel Science Team
Dr. Ronan P. Murphy
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Oriel – The only concentrated ionised liquid
Magnesium drops on the planet. Harvested
through a patented system retaining all the
natural goodness.

100% Natural & Pure | 100% Absorption | 100% Deep Sea Source | 100% Bioavailable | Free Ion Liquid Form

6 years Science (DCU) | Patented Technology | Organic | Sustainable | PDO, GFSI, ISO | Kosher, Irish

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