Coffee & Magnesium Depletion

Coffee And Magnesium Depletion

While drinking coffee can be a good way to start our day. It has its pros and cons as well to our heath. Drinking coffee lowers your calcium and magnesium levels. Many people can be dependent on drinking coffee, and that is understandable, seeing its wide range of benefits from keeping us awake, and raising our body’s levels of antioxidants.

Coffee does not directly affect the magnesium levels already present in your body, it does however, affect your body’s absorption of magnesium. Some signs of  magnesium deficiency include agitation, anxiety, rapid breathing, muscle tremors or spasms, and irregular heart rhythm.

It is a key mineral involved in a number of reactions in your body. Drinking coffee can lead to a deficiency of this nutrient. As both the acid and caffeine in coffee affect how your body absorbs magnesium, while drinking decaffeinated and de-acidified coffee may help reduce the impact on your body’s mineral balance.

How Does Coffee Affect Magnesium?

Since coffee is an irritant to your digestive tract, it can irritate your intestines. Here is where magnesium is absorbed. The caffeine from the coffee hinders your intestines from digesting magnesium.

But keep in mind that this does not happen immediately. This is a relatively slow process. The more coffee you drink, the more absorption will be hindered. Therefore, there are limits set for your daily caffeine consumption.

Coffee does not directly affect magnesium in your body. But it halts the further absorption of magnesium gradually in your intestines. The more coffee you consume, the less your magnesium absorption rate gets.

But a heavy dose of coffee can lead to magnesium depletion.

Magnesium is needed by your body for several reasons. It is one of the vital nutrients needed to keep your bones strong too. But excessive caffeine and coffee’s diuretic properties can make you lose it gradually.

What Can Ionic Magnesium Do?

Most people don’t get enough magnesium from their diet. As we’ve seen here, foods and drinks that we take daily can also deplete our magnesium stores. However, it’s easy to boost your magnesium levels with a highly absorbable form of magnesium.

You can add our ionic magnesium drops  as a monthly source of magnesium to your diet. Free from fillers, it is a pure ionic form of liquid magnesium drops. Remember, our bodies cannot make magnesium so we need a pure source. Our ionic magnesium has 100% bioavailability. The speed and amount you can absorb directly to where you need it.

Our Hydrasphere™ Technology guarantees the highest quality liquid magnesium from deep ocean waters here in Ireland. Oriel is the only concentrated ionised liquid magnesium drops on the planet. Harvested through a patented system retaining all the natural goodness.

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