Winners At The Gifted Fair 2022

Winners of the Gifted Fair 2022

The holiday season is a time for joy, giving, and spreading happiness. In the heart of Dublin, at the RDS Gifted Fair in 2022, this joy was doubled as we announced the lucky winners of Oriel Magnesium Drops. The Gifted Fair, a delightful event that brings together unique and cherished gifts, witnessed the smiles of our winners, Katie Killarney and Joan Milligan. Let’s dive into the details of their prizes and the excitement that filled the air.

A Festive Gathering at RDS Gifted Fair

The Gifted Fair, held annually at the RDS in Dublin, is a much-awaited event that marks the beginning of the Christmas gifting season. With a plethora of stalls offering unique and handcrafted gifts, it’s a haven for shoppers looking to find that perfect present for their loved ones.

Oriel Magnesium Drops – A Gift of Wellness

Oriel Magnesium Drops, known for their health benefits, were among the most sought-after gifts at the fair. Packed with the goodness of magnesium, they promise to promote overall well-being. The lucky winners were about to embark on a journey to wellness and happiness.

Meet the Winners

First Winner: Katie Killarney

Oriel Gifted Fair 2022 winner

Katie Killarney’s face lit up with joy when her name was announced as the first winner. Her prize included:

– The Octopus plush toy

– 2 bottles of Oriel Magnesium Drops

– 1 bottle of magnesium gel

Second Winner: Joan Milligan

Oriel Gifted Fair 2022 winner

Joan Milligan, the second winner, couldn’t hide her excitement either. Her prize package consisted of:

– Turtle Plush Toy

– 2 bottles of Oriel Magnesium Drops

– 1 bottle of magnesium gel

The Gift of Wellness

These gifts were more than just tokens of appreciation; they were a reminder of the importance of self-care and well-being during the holiday season. Oriel Magnesium Drops, known for their ability to reduce stress and improve sleep, were the perfect companions for Katie and Joan during this festive time.


The Gifted Fair at RDS in Dublin brought together the spirit of giving and the joy of wellness. Katie Killarney and Joan Milligan walked away with not only delightful gifts but also a reminder of the importance of self-care during the holiday season. As we celebrate their wins, let us all take a moment to appreciate the significance of wellness and thoughtful gifting during this magical time of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Oriel Magnesium Drops?

Oriel Magnesium Drops are a health supplement rich in magnesium, known for their numerous health benefits.

How can magnesium drops improve well-being?

Magnesium drops can reduce stress, improve sleep quality, reduce menopause symptoms and support overall wellness.

Where can I purchase Oriel Magnesium Drops?

You can find Oriel Magnesium Drops at select health stores and on our website.

Can I use magnesium gel for topical application?

Yes, magnesium gel can be applied topically to soothe muscles and promote relaxation.

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