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Alcohol & Magnesium

Drinking habits can sometimes blur the lines between healthy and acceptable social drinking and excessive alcohol consumption. The long-term effects of alcohol are very real and can lead to serious and lasting medical issues that begin with vitamin deficiency. Do you consume more than seven alcoholic beverages per week? The effect of alcohol on magnesium levels …

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Magnesium & Anxiety

Magnesium is known as the “nature’s relaxation mineral” as it makes you calm. This mineral regulates how we experience tension physically and emotionally, downgrading feelings of panic and overwhelm. Magnesium has long been synonymous with mental and physical calming. Studies show magnesium keeps anxiety at bay by regulating and influencing areas of our brain, nervous …

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Answer & Win!

Competition time: Win a free 6-month supply of any Oriel Magnesium Mineral Drops products   Oriel Magnesium Store offered Two lucky winners a free six-month supply of any of its Mineral Drops products including a bottle of its Topical Skin Gel on the first month with a value of €230 per person on May 8th, …

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Magnesium & Menopause – Why Is It So Important?

The human body needs magnesium to stay healthy as it provides it with numerous benefits. For example, individuals with low magnesium diet/s have been noted to have significant testosterone deficiency which has been linked to low and irritable moods in both sexes, and especially notable in women during menopause. Ensuring sufficient magnesium intake via either …

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What Makes Magnesium So Important For Menopause?

Human body naturally requires this uniquely beneficial mineral in order to stay healthy. Low-magnesium diets have been linked, through research, to low testosterone levels which may cause low and/or irritable moods in both men and women, especially during the menopause. Ingesting magnesium via supplements or diet may also help relieve the feelings of worry and …

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